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Crystal Spirits

Elephant and Rhino Protection Amulet - west

R 89.00

Place this protective amulet in the west of your home and office to help subdue the # 7 star of Loss. This star is associated with loss of many kinds - violence, betrayal and accidents. It Is also the sector of those born under the sign of the rooster - so you must tread warily! Don't take unnecessary risks. The number 7 attracts people with bad intentions  - so be wary when  negotiating, trusting ,signing or engaging in relationships throughout 2022. there are three tigers in this years Paht Chee chart - this means you must be wary of intrusions in your relationships , business ventures and negotiations. There is a lot of money and opportunities in 2022 - but one has to think on your feet. 

Place this amulet in the west of your home, living room or office - you can even place it against your west window facing outwards. Use it as coaster on your desk for your coffee cup - it will remind you to be vigilant.