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Crystal Spirits

Rose Quartz Gem Pendulum to Let Love Guide You

R 220.00

Are you ready for some strong magic? Ask a question, and let this swinging pendulum reveal the answer.  Made of rose quartz, these pendulums will not only bring insight, but they also invoke the properties of loving and supportive energies.

This pendulum reminds us of our quest for Divine Knowledge and also possesses potent gemstone magic. Rose quartz brings love, eases pain, transforms energies in and around the home, and calms nerves. Beautiful and hypnotizing, these rose quartz pendulums swing with the directional energy of four intuitive points – our navigational poles (north, south, east, west), which also correspond naturally to Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. The pendulum can also swing clockwise or counterclockwise when answering you.

Hold this pendulum with a steady hand, and ask of its divine wisdom. Allow it to answer you as it begins to swing north-south, east-west, or in a circular motion. Remember, it can only answer “yes” or “no” (after you’ve calibrated it to your own intuition by asking it base questions you already have the answers to. For example: Am I alive? Am I on planet Earth? Am I a man/woman?). Once you know how your pendulum moves with your energy, you’ll be able to discover answers to things unknown!