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Crystal Spirits

Rose Quartz Pendulum

R 290.00

This  lovely Rose quartz pendulum, is a wonderful tool to further your crystal healing skills with. The energy of this pendulum heightens our self esteem and has a comforting energy that reduces pain and the fear that usually accompany injuries. It relieves the symptoms of vertigo, and assists with the kidneys and adrenal glands. Will draw impurities out of the body.

When used in a healing session the energy of this crystal has a soothing and calm effect , however it can also be a powerful releaser of unexpressed emotions.So please -  Use with discernment !! It promotes unconditional love both for ourselves and for others. When used on the chakras it can provide a sense of peace, allowing us to concentrate on the spiritual aspects of our lives .

You can also use this pendulum for assisting you to answer questions on your love life or relationships problems. Make sure the pendulum is always cleansed and cleared before you use it. Before you use, or ask your pendulum questions create sacred space. Check our on line downloads on  Creating Sacred Space.