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Crystal Spirits

Rose Quartz Tumbled

R 10.00

 Rose quartz is the love stone par excellence. In its tumbled form, you can use it to charge drinking water, make elixirs, hold in your hand or carry in your medicine bag or purse.

Rose quartz is the stone of true love and deep affection; it represents the bond that transcends time and space. If you want to attract love, this is the perfect stone to use. Rose quartz is a stone of universal love energy – love for self and others. It draws love to you, brings peace during transition, and eases heartache. It probably won’t surprise you, but rose quartz is one of the most sought-after varieties of quartz in the entire world.

Tumbled rose quartz has so many uses. Meditate with yours and incorporate it into all your ritual work. Use it as you feel called, where you feel called, and however you feel called. Allow your intuition to manifest itself. Listen to your inner voice. These are remarkable tools for spiritual evolution, to bring harmonizing energies and to summon Higher Realm magic.

Allow the white light and healing medicine of rose quartz to flow through you. Accept the wisdom, love, and guidance it may have to offer you. It’s a challenge, but moving through the world with an open heart is the way to go. May this beautiful offering be a constant reminder of how much Source loves you.