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Crystal Spirits

Ruby Zoisite Wands

R 135.00

Only 3 in stock, handpicked for you with a pendulum. 

A powerful combination of stones for stimulation of, healing of, & living in the heart space, Ruby Kyanite Zoisite is a grand trine of Crystals. It brings a harmonious symphony of energies, stimulating all the chakras to function properly to give us a well, renewed, and more deeply connected sense of being.

Ruby is a stone of deep love, compassion, and understanding of the sensual nature of life. It is made up of chromium synergized with corrundum, lending it's energies to healing of the base, sacral, and higher heart chakras. Ruby helps us to live in the seat of the soul, assisting in awakening to the higher powers of love and connection to the world & universe at large.

Kyanite lends it's vibrations of alignment & attuning of all the chakras, while Blue Kyanite has special emphasis on the Throat Chakra for clear and affective communication. This is a wonderful stone for the sense of reset & renewal for overall being, assisting in returning one to a state of new, open, activated way of life.

Zoisite is also a great heart stone, assisting in bringing it's energies of overall healing, as it helps with all aspects of the human nature - mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. It especially helps the process of healing when it comes to dealing with death and big life transitions, it assists us in processing grief, welcoming, & honoring the whole experience of life.

This combination of stones assists one who needs it's powers of healing, as it is known to help in times of deep stress, trauma, and grief. It's light weightedness reminds us to be gentle with ourselves, especially in tough times, and helps us to move through the heavy experiences in life with more grace, ease, and acceptance for the process & unfolding.