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Crystal Spirits

Seed of Life Merkaba and Moonstone Crystal Grid

R 499.00

The seed of life is one of the most useful sacred geometry shapes associated with crystal grids . It consists of seven entwining circles that come together to form a flower like effect. This shape is associated with the days of creation. Its energy is used for manifesting - abundance, dreams, personal goals and spiritual well being. It brings balance, harmony and protection to any space it is placed in.

Always set your grid up on the night of a new moon , failing that at least three days afterwards. If you wish to reset your intentions for the following month - then dismantle the grid the night before the following new moon.

Set up your new crystal grid on the night of that or the next new moon - and release your wishes and intentions into the Universe. Meditating nightly next to your crystal grid to activate and give more power to your wishes is always a good idea. Spray and cleanse regularly with the Crystal grid spray.

Strawberry Aventurine Merkeba

  • Strawberry aventurine boosts your self-confidence and raises your self esteem.
  • It helps you manifest your ultimate desires. 
  • It raises energy levels and helps energise you with leadership  skills and independence. 
  • This is a stone of passion, creativity and endurance.
  • It helps you stay the course and fills you with stamina to manifest your dreams 
  • The Merkeba provides protection when placed on a grid.
  • It reminds you of the potential power you wield when you unite your energies, your intuition and your disciplined focus on what it is you want to achieve. 

Pink tumbled opals (4)

  • pink opal is a very powerful crystal when it comes to heart activation 
  • It is referred to as the stone of spiritual awakening due to its powerful vibrations.
  • It will heal and rejuvenate your emotional body, your homes vibration and raise the energy of those who live within its energy. 
  • It helps overcome worry and anxiousness
  • Placed in a grid it dissipates stress and allows you to become emotionally centred and calm.

Blue flash white Moonstone  (4)

  • the stone of new beginnings - perfect vibration for a new moon energy - and when you want to manifest something new in any area of your life.
  • It attracts spiritual gifts into your home and  life
  • Raises your intuition and activates the Goddess energy.
  • Creates synchronicity with its magical vibrations.

Peach and Grey Indian Moonstone (4)

  • actives your femininity  and divine Goddess energy
  • Raises intuitive skills and psychic abilities.
  • Stone of new beginnings - that keeps you grounded and centred with earths energy.
  • Connects you to heaven and earth to manifest with ease and to work with the cycles of life.  

Feng Shui placement of the Seed of Life Merkaba and Moonstone Grid

  • Place this grid next to your bed for lucid dreaming and astral travel.
  • Place in the centre of your home to create peace and harmony.  It energies will  help all who live there to manifest their new beginnings.  Cleanse regularly with the crystal grid spray. 
  • Perfect to place in your home when there is a lot of aggression - both from male and female members . It balances the yin-yang energy.  
  • Helps draw out negativity and helps link everyone back to their sacred contract 
  • Place this grid in children’s bedrooms when they are hyperactive. 
  • Place next to your bed when you need to work through personal relationship troubles and romantic  heartache. Will bring back balance ( yin/yang) and allow you to manifest new beginnings in your relationship


  • .Use this Seed of life grid anytime you wish to see a task through to completion or simply to accomplish a goal of any kind. Beautifully crafted it is a powerful vibrational energy to place in any room or office.