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The Crystal Spirits

Selenite Moon Bowl

R 299.00


“Behold a brilliant, luminous moon through a shimmering Selenite crystal and gaze upon the beautiful Moon Goddess Selene herself, with her silver wings and crescent crown, traveling the sky in a gleaming chariot to turn golden day into silvery night and to guide and protect those in darkness. While ancient cultures named several goddesses to symbolize the moon, the Greeks believed Selene to be the Moon itself. She, like her crystal, embodies tranquility, blessings, love and light.” ~ Crystal Vaults

Selenite carries a fine, high, frequency and intensity of energy that surpasses nearly all stones for opening, clearing, and activating the Crown and Higher Crown Chakras.

Selenite crystals are wonderful conductors of energy, making them the perfect healing wands and charging plates. Use the wands to clear blocks in the auric field, the meridians, and in the physical body. Align the body’s energy centers by laying a Selenite wand or rod down the back of the spine.  When we are in alignment physically and spiritually, and energy can flow more freely and swiftly, we find more clarity; bringing expansive thinking and heightened self awareness.