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Crystal Spirits

Selenite Pagoda Crystal For Male Prosperity

R 295.00


Comes with 1 Chinese coin.
This is a powerful cure to place in the North West of your home, living room office or business. This selenite pagoda will activate the 6# star of heaven and money luck especially for the male breadwinner and fathers in any household. 

The selenite crystal creates a sacred bubble of protection absorbing negativity and cleansing any space it is placed in. The pagoda shape amplifies positive energy and when placed on top of a Chinese coin- this manifesting energy is enhanced for the year 2022. It is said to attract the luck of both heaven and earth. 

The pagoda shape is one of the best-known cures in Feng Shui and is known as a crucial piece in every home and workplace all over the world. The pagoda is a potent cure and enhancer that is used to dissipate negative energy and free the home or workplace of problems. In 2022 this should be placed in the northwest to enhance the annual #6 star of happiness.