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Crystal Spirits

Selenite Palm Stones

R 190.00

Selenite crystals possess one of the clearest transparency qualities found in the mineral kingdom. This beautiful clarity reflects a beam of white light into any environment that the crystal is placed in.

When used in personal meditation Selenite brings consciousness and understanding of ones inner truth. Use your palm piece to calm your mind. It will help clear troubles, part murky clouds that obstruct you from focusing on ideas, or problems , and clear confused states of mind. This is associated with your crown chakra - so when used in meditation the crystal will activate that highest energy centre.

Selenite can be used to stimulate brain activity and expand awareness. It also connects with the 11th Chakra - so when using this energy you are not working with healing denser physical or emotional bodies - you are connecting to a higher energetic form or consciousness. All aimed at expanding your consciousness and connecting with angelic energetic forms.

Water soluble stone such  Selenite - place it in salt, or smudge it with Sage, Impepho, Sandlawood or Paulo Santo incense. Do not use water to cleanse negative energies from any selenite crystals !!! Recharge in the moon.