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Crystal Spirits

Shakyamuni Buddha Gold

R 269.00

13cm (h) x 12cm (w)

Beautiful statue that is both elegant and unobtrusive either placed on a table or altar area. This statue reminds you to keep you temper in check especially this year 2020 - and to watch your words !! The anger star flows into the centre of every home and business - and can cause huge disruptions and irrefutable damage - so you must take care. This statue will remind you to respond and not react. A must have this year 2020

Placement for 2020

Place on your entrance table as you enter your home - to remind you to leave your troubles behind. Place another in the Northwest to ask for help from benefactors both here and in the spiritual realm. Gold is the perfect colour for wealth. You can also place the gold Shakimunya statue in your southeast sector to assist with benefactors and to remind you to always practice compassion and generosity.