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Crystal Spirits

Shakyamuni Water Fountain

R 1,490.00

The statue of Shakyamuni Buddha, depicts the image of a spiritual leader or the teacher who originated from the northern South Asian region. Born as a prince in a state of Kapilvastu almost 2600 years ago, he left all the earthly belongings he had as a prince and his palace to meditate to find a true meaning of life. After achieving enlightenment following years of meditation, his teachings became the foundation of what we know today as the religion of Buddhism.

He is the one whom the Buddhist refer to when the talk about the Buddha. The statues of Gautam Buddha or Buddharupa are often depicted in various poses, including seated meditation (with various hand gestures or mudras), standing or walking and lying down on his side, representing various stages of his life and his teachings.

39 x 23 x 30 cm