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Crystal Spirits

Shivalinga Sacred Stones

R 120.00

There is a beautiful story related to God Shiva. Once upon a time, Brahma (the Creator of the Universe) and Vishnu (the Preserver of the Universe) wanted to find the answer to the question, ‘who is Shiva?’. They wanted to understand him completely. So Brahma said, “I will go and look for his head, and you find his feet.” For thousands of years, Vishnu went down and down to find Shiva’s feet but couldn’t find it. Brahma went up and up to find his head but couldn’t find that either.
The meaning here is, there are no feet and no head to Shiva. There is no beginning and no end to Shiva. Finally, they both met in the middle and agreed that they could not find Shiva. That is what the Shivalinga is all about. It is a symbolic representation of the infinite Shiva.
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