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Crystal Spirits

Smokey Quartz Generator with Key

R 780.00

Smoky quartz generators activate not only the Root Chakra but also the Earth Star Chakra – the next level down. Working with these generators will attune you to an even deeper sense of protection, stability, and transmutation. Keep this tool nearby as you face the negative vibrations you encounter on a daily basis – both internally and externally. Use yours when pursuing or undergoing any and all metamorphosis work.

The energy of these smoky quartz generators will protect your light body any time you meditate in their presence and will enable you to emerge from the cocoon beautifully reborn. Generators are towers of energetic possibility, pointed on one end and flat on the other to stand grounded while pointing skyward … projecting your intentions, desires, prayers, wishes, love, and light up toward Source for the Highest Good of all.