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Crystal Spirits

Smoky Quartz Gem Pendulum

R 220.00

These Smoky Quartz Pendulums carry a protective energy that transmutes negativity, which keeps you safe when working with powerful tools like this. I asked my vendor to replicate my tool, and he produced these. Gem-grade, gorgeous pieces.

If you’re new to pendulum use, here are some helpful instructions:Pendulums sense and respond to energy around them. I have had my pendulum for more than 20 years and as soon as I pick mine up, it begins to move. They are used to answer ‘yes and no’ questions, east-to-west movement meaning yes, and north-to-south movement meaning no. Some say that circular movement means an unwillingness to answer; for me, it means maybe. You can hold a pendulum over the body to sense illness or disease, or energy blockage. If you need to decide a date on which to do something or hold an event, hold your pendulum over a calendar. Some people get better results holding the pendulum about 1″ above the open palm of their opposite hand. This “opens” your energy circuits and creates a bio-feedback loop and the energy will flow more freely. All pendulums in my shop are available in limited supply at a reasonable price to make them accessible to all who want and need the tools.