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Crystal Spirits

South East Salt Cure Kit

R 149.00

Pantry list

  • 2 glass jars preferably  broad and fat ( rather than thin and narrow) use something you have in your home - or purchase 2 glass containers that appeal to you. 
  • Water

Included in The Crystal Spirits kit

  • 2 packets of Himalayan salt blends of white and pink salt ( charged under the first full moon of 2021 )
  • 12 Chinese coins 
  • Tea light and incense.


  • On a flat surface place your two jars, Jug of water and the crystal spirits salt cure kit.
  • Next light your tea light and you incense.
  •  Smudge the jars, the coins and the area in which you are working. 
  • Pour the salt into each jar - about 3/4 full. 
  • Next lay your 6 coins in a circle on the salt yang side up . The yang side has the four characters on the surface of the coin.
  • Slowly pour the water into the jar - so as not to shift the coins. You must cover the salt - but not fill the jar to the top. Leave a little space.