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Crystal Spirits

Spessartine Garnet Pendant

R 349.00

First time we have had pendants created out of this  crystal energy !! We only have 6 in stock !!!

This is one of the most powerful stones for attraction! It can help magnetise a lover, job or creative project that you might be working on. It helps clear your auric field of  chaotic energy that might be repelling what otherwise should be drawn to you. It enhances charisma!

Spessartine Garnet will encourage you to take action towards your dreams, visions and goals.  It increases the flow of Chi energy and stimulates the second chakra and Hara.

Will stimulate passion, sexual energy and the ability to bring ideas into being. It is a stone of manifestation ! It gives one courage and confidence to bring change into ones life and take new paths. 

This is the perfect stone for 2021 - a “ 5 “ year. A 5 year provides opportunities to turn your life around by following a new direction which is totally different to any you’ve taken before. Spessartine Garnet will give you the optimism , confidence , daring, passion and energy you need.  

This is a potent energy to be used skilfully and carefully - yet with a sense of enjoyment and fun.