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Crystal Spirits

Tear Drop Journey

R 620.00 R 490.00

Rekindle your self love and release past wounds and hurt.

This crystal journey is for those who have suffered hurt and heartache. Who have forgotten how to love and honour their spiritual selves. This sacred kit will help you release your anger and hurt, re-align and activate your heart chakra and allow yourself to absorb healing rays of love from the Universe. 

This beautiful vibrant rich  Rose Quartz comes from Madagascar, bringing with it its healing energy and resonance of self love. The vibrant pink hues awaken the heart chakra, and ignite the soul to  love ones self. Cary this crystal in its sacred pouch - and place on your heart whenever you are feeling overwhelmed. The other crystals in this kit will help you balance and realign yourself so the you are to heal and reawaken your personal power.