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Crystal Spirits

The Gold Three Legged Toad- Bringer of Wealth

R 245.00

This beautiful gold frog is the perfect feng Shui enhancer as it brings good luck to your doorstep. Throughout time this has been the symbol of money. In ancient mythology  one of the immortals lured a toad out of hiding with gold coins, knowing it's fondness for wealth. The toad is said to be so greedy that money actually sticks to it as it travels to the heavens, which it then brings to you  - but only if you display one in your home or office. Consequently, the three-legged toad is often depicted surrounded by money or with a coin in its mouth.

Furthermore, frogs and toads are found around water, and in feng shui, water is symbolic of wealth. Together, these legends and associations have turned the money frog into a magnet for wealth and good fortune. A group of money frogs—particularly groups of three, six, or nine—is thought to bring more wealth than a single frog. But don't exceed nine, and arrange them so they face different directions. Always position a feng shui money frog in a respectful way. Keep the frog and the area around it clean - so that it can become a money magnet in your life. 

Please be aware that we have only 10 of these kits in stock. . So make sure you order quickly to avoid disappointment. You also want to place your Feng Shui Cures and enhancers in your home as quickly as possible. THis is a wonderful year for expansion and growth . Do not miss out!