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Crystal Spirits

The Jill Principle: A Woman's Guide to Healing Your Spirit After Divorce Or Breakup by Michele Germain

R 140.00

Why do fifty percent of first marriages end in divorce? Michele Germain, a licensed clinical social worker with twenty-five years of experience in divorce recovery, believes many long-term relationships fail due to unresolved "historical wounds" and unrealistic expectations. Emphasizing the body/mind/soul connection, Germain offers an effective, holistic approach to healing.

Her step-by-step program begins with exploring childhood trauma, self-criticism, and other painful feelings that reside in the body and mind. Guided meditations, bio-energetic exercises, and other techniques help one identify and overcome forgotten pain. To illustrate how she and hundreds of others have recovered from crisis and reclaimed their unique potential, Germain shares her own personal divorce story, along with moving anecdotes of women she's treated.