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Crystal Spirits

The Powerful Prosperity Yang Water Tiger Cure 2022

R 529.00

Place this cure in the North East of your home or business. 
This grid has been created using the exact ratios which are deemed positive for feng shui. 
Make sure the compass direction is exact with that of the grid- the “s” facing south. Smudge the area and your aura with incense and light the tea light provided. Relax, breathe ground and centre yourself. Now place the one coin yang side up (busy side) in the south-west- suppresses the illness star. The other coin is placed yin side up in the North West to activate the lucky 6 star. Then the blue apatite is placed in the south-east corner to stimulate the intellect and bring ideas from the spiritual realms We are missing metal this year- which means we lack ideas even though there is great wealth to be made in 2022. The rainbow obsidian must be placed in the north to fill you with hope and energy. 
It helps you recognise opportunities. Then finally the gold ingot suppresses the 5# yellow star of misfortune in the centre of the home or business. A special thanks to Daniel and Michael Hanna for their Feng Shui inspiration

Hang the windchime provided in the North East of your home or by a window. 
Your Powerful prosperity grid must be kept clean and please cleanse regularly. Throughout the months ahead light a  tea light and incense next to the grid. Take time to connect with what it is you wanted to or want to achieve in 2022. Thank the universe for all the bountiful blessings heading your way.

 Focus and hard work is key to success this year.