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Crystal Spirits

Ammonite Shape Chakra Pendant

R 159.00 R 129.00

Connect with the shifting energies of the Universe while wearing this beautiful pendan. Activate and balance your chakras. A blend of amethyst, lapis lazuli, turquonite, aventurine, tigers eye, carnelian and red jasper. A sacred symbol for the spiritually minded.

Root chakra - red jasper - brings luck and stability to your life.
Sacral chakra - carnelian - inspires and invigorates you
Solar plexus - tigers eye - gives you self confidence and focus
Heart chakra - aventurine - helps dissolve stress and protects your auric field
Throat chakra - turquonite - relaxes and inspires you to calmly express yourself.
Third eye - lapis lazuli - activates your intuition and psychic abilities
Crown chakra - amethyst - to connect with the angelic realm and divine inspiration.