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Crystal Spirits

The Top 100 Dreams by Ian Wallace

R 180.00

We all dream, but our dreams often seem to be bizarre and confusing experiences that make little sense to us, no matter how much we try to analyze them. The key to understanding our dreams is looking beyond individual symbols and being able to see the bigger picture in the stories that we choose to create every night. There are 100 of these dream themes that are consistently reported by dreamers everywhere in the world, regardless of country or culture. These top 100 dreams appear again and again because they reflect fundamental life patterns. By recognizing them, you

will begin to achieve a much deeper understanding of your dreams and yourself. This book describes the 100-most common dreams; it explains why you dream them and suggests how you can use them to help you realize your most cherished hopes and aspirations in everyday life. Each dream is methodically interpreted and linked to a perfectly explained real-life situation.