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Crystal Spirits

Venus Vibration Meditation

R 365.00

Friday Night - Venus Vibration Meditation


Introducing new goddess spray!

Venus has finally come out of her retrograde  - and her beautiful gentle energies are here to support you. Her energy is one of nurturing and love.

 Light Pink candles .  Burn incense - and create sacred space. You can,  if you choose - Hold any pink or green crystals.  Relax, half close your eyes and stare into the flame of the candle. Breathe gently , relax and start to focus  your breathe into your heart chakra. 

Concentrate on this point - feel the energies expanding and rippling out into the Universe. Take your time, bringing your focus back to your heart chakra. See the dark night above you filled with stars and imagine  the energy of Venus caressing you with her gentle nurturing love. Stay focused on your breathe and your heart chakra - see  ripples of pink light flowing into your heart. See this beautiful ball of  pink light filling your heart chakra. Build up that energy field - see it growing bigger and filling your chest. Hold it there and then mentally shoot simultaneously it’s energy into the earth, and out through your crown chakra into the heavens. See yourself as part of this pink pillar of light connecting the heavens and the earth. Stay in this energy field allow the heart chakra’s pink bliss to fill your being. When you loose the vision or have received your energetic boost  - Open your eyes , stretch and ground yourself . Place a  black tourmaline placed beneath the soles of your feet, or in-between your feet if you are sitting in a chair . If you have black stones in your collection of crystals - hold one in the palm of your hands and see yourself settling back into this physical reality.

Thank your crystals for assisting you and  for all the guides holding sacred space for you.