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Crystal Spirits

Wealth and Abundance Kit for South West

R 490.00

  • Perspex grid  for anchoring and setting intention for wealth
  • Matriarch Wealth crystals
  • Crimson queens/ carnelian/olivine/pyrite/ 4 quartz points 
  •  3 Red buddhas
  • Gold tea-light with money toad - three tea lights 
  • Incense   
  • Chinese coin

Investment : R490.00

  • Please be aware that we have only 10 of these kits in stock. . So make sure you order quickly to avoid disappointment. You also want to place your Feng Shui Cures and enhancers in your home as quickly as possible. This is a wonderful year for expansion and growth . Do not miss out!


Cleanse your space before you start creating your sacred corner and grid - by smudging the area with your burning incense.  Relax and breathe gently. Place the grid down  - and light your tea light.  Place it in the lucky frog tea light burner - and face the frog towards the grid .

 Now, Hold your crystals and state you intention for the grid.  Place your 4 carnelians as per instructions. Then place your olivine at the bottom of the grid. Next the gold  pyrite at the top. Smudge your Chinese coin and place it in the centre of the grid.

 Hold your crimson queen setting the intention of what it is you wish to achieve this month and place it onto of your coin. Add the four needle quartz where instructed. 

The aim of this grid is to attract wealth in to your life.  Different elements are combined together with the energy of the crystals. The crimson queen works with the resonance of five. It will help attract abundance and assist you to overcome obstacles while sustaining  goddess energy. The carnelians will work with the crimson queen to bring in joie de vivre and make sure you have the confidence and focus to achieve your goals. The olivine , African peridot, and gold pyrite will attract wealth to your life giving you the opportunity to manifest you dreams .The grid  promotes clarity and sharpens the mind to new levels of awareness. 

When you have completed the grid - connect the crystals to each other with your wand - so they work in unison to achieve your desires. Place the three buddhas around the grid facing inwards.  

Every three days  -  light your tea lights and incense - and sit and meditate - for 5 minutes -  on the  wealth visions you have set in motion.The grid can be left for a month . Dismantle it on the third night before the new moon. Cleanse  -and  rebuild on the night of the next new moon. Once again Resetting your wealth intentions or creating new ones..

Enjoy the energy that this powerful wealth  grid is emitting throughout your home and into the Universe.