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Crystal Spirits

Wealth Protection Kit for Your Fame and Reputation

R 429.00

  • Dragon tortoise
  • Wealth three legged toad
  • Chinese coin
  • Snowflake jasper
  • Red jasper
  • Citrine heart.
  • Green silk bag
  • Green tea lights

This is the perfect kit to attract luck into the South area of your home,  office or living room. Includes a three legged toad to attract  money luck . Place the Chinese coin under the money frog - yang side up ( 4 characters).Place the dragon tortoise and wealth frog in the south of your home or room and add the energy of the citrine money  heart  to attract abundance !! Light a green tea light here whenever you wish to attract growth in your career. A  green silk wealth bag  filled with crystal energy .The red jasper is the Feng Shui stone for abundance and the Snowflake heart will balance your energies and protect you from negative energy. Carry with you in your handbag or pocket. Perfect small kit for your office desk. Protection and luck all in one.