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Crystal Spirits

Wiccan Rock Crystal Quartz

R 190.00

8 x 3 x 6cm


The Exquisite Healer - rough natural quartz.

This beautiful piece has magical properties waiting to be awakened by just you. This stone comes from Madagascar where it has captured the healing energy and vibration of the island. Tipped in every piece is tangerine quartz. The energy is there to awaken your goddess energy and stimulate your spiritual growth. It will encourage clarity, enlightenment and spiritual insight. The crystal can be used as a scrying stone, when vision questing.  It is an excellent piece for Wiccan practitioners , artists, writers and any one who wishes to playfully express their feelings and ideas. It is the perfect stone for creative problem solving.

We have only a few pieces in stock - don't miss out .This natures bounty doesn't appear often. Perfect stone to hold when meditating and expanding your auric vibrational field.