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Ritual for the Center of Your Home 

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Ritual for the Center of Your Home 

Hearth healing ritual

1. In the centre of your home - light your incense stick.  

2. Make the first offering to your chosen diety and then to the house spirit, that resides in, or around your home. Ask for their help in assisting you to keep peace and harmony throughout your home, and within the hearts of  those that resides there. 

3. See this pure light of good intentions emanating throughout your home and expanding to your boundary walls. Feel the energy passing through you, through your feet and carpeting the whole home. Breathe slowly and allow yourself a minute or so, to relax into this healing energy.

4. Thank the house spirit . Leave the incense stick to burn out.

Suggested Feng Shui cures for this area.

Pair of golden elephants for family bonding, good health , health , peace and harmony

Shakimunya buddha

Ganesha statue

Buddhas in meditation poses.