Cactus Quartz

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Cactus Quartz - South Africa
 A gentle lavender hue, formed into a single terminated wand, encased and supported by a...
R 350.00
Spirit Quartz - South Africa1
 A deep beautiful purple - this Spirit quartz , or Cactus Quartz reflects the beauty...
R 720.00
Spirit Quartz - South Africa4
 This gentle lavender hue of the Cactus quartz, illustrates a perfect example of many tiny...
R 320.00
Spirit Quartz - South Africa5
 Only found in South Africa - its beautiful amethyst colour captures ones heart.   This...
R 420.00
Orange River Quartz - South Africa
 This, Orange River Quartz crystal is not necessary very beautiful but it is extremely powerful,...
R 390.00
Spirit Quartz Cluster - South Africa
 Beautiful dark amethyst coloured cluster measuring 6cm - and only found in South Africa.  Placed...
R 720.00