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Crystal Spirits

Grow - The Modern Woman's Handbook - How to Connect with Self, Lovers, and Others by Lynne Franks

R 239.00

Learning to juggle career and relationships, while living a healthy, fulfilled life, has created a whole new set of circumstances unique to the modern woman. At the same time, we’re living in a world that needs the balance of feminine energy at its most powerful to create a sustainable, positive future for humankind.

Lynne Franks’s new book, GROW, is aimed at women of all ages who wish to get back in touch with their feminine center, where they remember how to connect, first, with themselves and the divine; second with their families and loved ones, and third with their local and global communities. It’s an encyclopedic examination of all of the issues that face a woman of the 21st century, including health and well-being, spirituality, career, relationship, sexuality, family, community, and social change.

GROW, based on the colorful format of Lynne’s previous work, The SEED Handbook, contains fun exercises, stories, and guidance to take you through a ten-part program to enable you to reach the Gorgeous Real Original Woman inside and find your life’s purpose.