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Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse

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Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse

Greetings Anam Cara,

Your assignment this weekend is to trust in the Cycles of Life and that even though you cannot see it - believe and understand with utmost certainty that you are divinely taken care of!

This is a weekend of Soul Mastery and Transformation as we celebrate the first in a series of three eclipses. Tonight , Friday the 5th June we step through the doorway and enter a portal of change both personally and collectively that will evolve over the next 18 months.

Tonight take time in the garden, or your sacred space, light incense and candles, bring out your journal if you feel the need to express yourself on paper - and as the moon enters the eclipse cycle - breathe gently quietly and enter into a contemplative state. For the next 30 or so minutes connect with this amplified, in fact triple energy full moon . Allow yourself to receive messages from the cosmos, higher self and all the guides that surround you. If you mind gets busy, don't stress, just breathe and allow yourself to receive any and all messages - however strange they might be.

When you are ready you can journal your experiences, now and throughout the night if you wish. Keep them on record and try and make a habit of this for the following next two months. Reason being we have two more eclipses and the energies of a retrogradeVenus, which is very much a planet that connects with the divine Goddess energy. Mars is in a T square, and this lunar eclipse tonight is  in 15/16 degrees Sagittarius. This  has never occurred this century and will never happen again till 2039. The energies therefore are indeed very powerful during this period. It would be wise going forward to take time out 15 minutes each and every day to connect with this collective cosmic change.

You have to make time during this weekend,  to meditate, pray or simply plan  quiet periods of contemplation. Grab those pens and blank paper - and scribble, journal all your fears, thoughts , future plans and baggage you wish to release. This would be a time to write down negative patterns or people you need to release. Write a short note or ode, until all the anger, hurt, betrayal and negativity has been released. Then burn the paper and release those emotions to the Universe. This could be done on Saturday and , or Sunday evening.

Aura baths , the three night rituals, should be taken any evening from Saturday onwards, until the new moon on June 21st , which is another eclipse. Remember as well to space cleanse your home over the next two weeks in preparation for Winter Solstice. We have a lot of information on our shopping cart under free downloads. If you have additional sacred time  in your busy schedule - try and do heart chakra mediations - to keep balance and stay entered during this period.

Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse Crystal Magic:

For those that wish to create a full moon ritual tonight - it would be a triple whammy!. First of all I would not be called Crystal Debz if I wasn’t already loading the garden with my crystals- getting my best friends and sacred companions out into this moon’s energy.

Im treating this evening differently. For starters I’m creating a spiral labyrinth- Pivoting out energy from a central stone that will anchor and hold the energy of those around her. I’m placing “The Scribe” at the centre point. This crystal is from Madagascar, filled with etchings, is self healed, and is a female quartz. She is in fact a Cathedral quartz, with strong red hematite energy. The kind that has seeped deep into her bones. So I know that however we work together she will connect to Mother Earth. Encrusted on her surfaces is black hematite, again red hematite and Ettringite .  She is not the prettiest crystal I have ever seen, but certainly the most cheeky in my collection and she has a mind of her own. She knows what she is here to do- will allow me to work with her- and then just go her own merry way. Her true power is in anchoring all the other crystals around her. So perfect as a central stone. Then spiralling out Im going to go with my intuition, and expand the layout, letting the crystals connect with this spiral pattern. 

I know a lot of you are collectors and as passionate as I am about crystals, so would love to hear you input on the energetic connection between yourself, you're stones and this eclipse. So feel free to send feed back - we would love to hear from you.

Garden incense will be placed all around, candles on the four quarters and I’m going to be holding a double terminated. Quartz - being open to receive as much messages as I can. I’ll leave the layout over the weekend, spending time there as much has possible and remove it on Monday the 8th - working with the infinity number. 

For those that have tumbled stones- I would suggest a layout of stones in your sacred sanctuary and meditating there- and any crystal layout- connecting and super charging with your stones and the vibrational energies they bring . Don't worry if you’re doing the right thing- just create sacred geometry with your crystals - have fun this weekend. Be open most of all to receiving messages and connecting with your higher self. Record and journal!

Don't forget that your home, family and loved ones are also part of this weekend eclipse process. Share time with them in the garden, light candles in the house, cook beautiful meals , laugh and love. Discuss the past and  talk about things. Don't brush things under the carpet- the pile only gets higher, and the problems only worse. It is better to talk, connect from your hearts and always work from a point of compassion and respect.  This weekends energy is a perfect time to release things that are blocking you. Once all that’s done, you can start thinking about a beautiful bright future that is going to come slowly through this magnificent portal of energy that is slowly filtering our way.

Know that you are loved, and that you are in this time and space to create something sacred and beautiful. Otherwise you would not be here.

You will be in my thoughts tonight as I sit amongst my crystals under this magical dark sky.

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