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Dance of The Goddess through the Eclipse Period

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Dance of The Goddess through the Eclipse Period

Greetings Anam Cara,

The new moon in Gemini on the 22nd of May brought with it a playful energy that was both witty and alert. Your inner Goddess energy was awakened and all you had to do was catch the drops of thought provoking nectar  on your tongue. 

The vibration that weaves itself through this period of eclipses  and the celebrations of the Winter Solstice this month of June is filled with light heartedness making you both playful, curious and emotionally entwined with the dance of the planets, moon and stars. 

With the dreaded Covid 19 hanging over us- it is difficult to be emotionally detached from the surrounding fear and stress. However, as a true Goddess and light worker you have to keep your energy clear, light, focused and remain centred. We have to open our heart chakra and give unfailingly to all those around us. This challenge is shared throughout the planet and we would not have been born in this time- if we did not have to experience this life altering obstacle set before us. It is up to us how we deal with it.

June, Friday the 5th we welcome the full Moon and the Lunar eclipse in the fire sign of Sagittarius. This moon will be guiding you to stand strong  and claim your inner power. It will ignite your warrior goddess energy, and allow your inner voice to speak. It is time to pay attention. Messages are always sent by Spirit. Be aware, take heed and listen carefully to all the signs around you.

Lunar Eclipses are heightened Full Moons that bring shift, change, and breakthroughs.  So be ready to break through any blockages you have had and  liberate your spirit. It is the first in a trio of Eclipses, and as you walk this Eclipse Gateway over the coming weeks, you will discover a new path emerging, One that could be very different from the path you were walking before. So don't be rigid and inflexible. See yourself as water - flowing around and through obstacles, and choosing where you want to go and where you want to land up.

Venus plays a big role throughout the next two months . Ironically this planet went into retrograde on the 13th May ( a goddess number) and its vibration deals with love, harmony and the divine feminine. Its spiral movement will make you share  your  feelings in a new  and profound way. You will find yourself open and flexible to change. This heightened sensitivity could lead to sudden changes in your emotions. Read our newsletter on the Venus retrograde, or if you wish indulge in our Venus retrograde kits.  The Venus retrograde will be felt until the end of July. 

Mars is in a T square and this 6 month cycle will bring about radical change. An awakening that you cannot stop. Mars is fiery, forceful and brings strong chi to the cosmic table. The energy of Gemini is one of practicality and communication, so sift through all the information you are given and don't get distracted by   “ overload “. This is a time when all your precious plans can be changed,  so be flexible. Connect with your higher self, dig deep and use  your intuition in decision making processes. Take time to  meditate on what you want to do.  The accent - the focus  is You.  Once you have discovered and fed your soul - you can then take care of others. This is an ongoing,  ever-charging process - so don't force things, rather weave through the process with joy and peace. Your heart chakra is the most important chakra through this process. Activate and work with this energy. Download our Heart Chakra Activation PDF.

So, Let go off old patterns and beliefs in a light hearted way! Things that do not integrate with the new you.  Be  they relationships, friendships or career choices. Throughout 2020 we have to dig deep, reform and remould ourselves, finding new directions and  new means to express ourselves . We have to rebirth into our authentic Goddess form.

June when added up is a number 10. (6 month 2020 - 6 + 4 = 10). This is a month of Manifestation. I realise that we are surrounded by the negativity and fear of the Covid-19 pandemic -but as a spiritual being try to look beyond the physical fear. Please take all precautions necessary - but make sure your spiritual self emerges like a lotus flower  inadvertent to all the negativity that surrounds you.

The lunar eclipse is in 15 degrees Sagittarius . This energy is one of the Spiritual alchemist, and its energy manifests through joy.  If you can lock into this magical vibration over these next few days you can hold space for others around you. Make sure that you set time aside Friday 5th to create and partake in a full moon ritual. Something simple yet creative  - specifically aligned to your secret wishes and desires. 

We are going through such  physical, mental and spiritual upheaval  at the moment -  that one has to step back emotionally and analyse it. Amidst all the stress that surrounds us , our families, careers and businesses we have to dig deep , activate and work from our hearts . From this energetic point  - we bring into our lives love , light, joy,  compassion and peace . This Goddess energy  then resonates throughout our households and to those with whom we share our lives. We are the anchors holding the light.

May this journey through the energy of the month of June fill you with much wisdom, lots of introspection, growth and authentic evaluation. May your households be filled with joy, compassion and love. Know that we are with you, every step of the way.


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