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Super Full Moon in Sagittarius

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Super Full Moon in Sagittarius

We celebrate a Super Full Moon in Sagittarius @ 13H52 on the 14th June 2022 . This full moon in June is known as the Cold Moon. Why is it called this moon because winter season has truly begun! This will also be the last full moon before the arrival of the Winter solstice- which is celebrated in the Southern Hemisphere. It is also known as Yule and is celebrated on the 21st June. 

Cold wintery Full Moon Nights like these (14th June) allow us to sit in the fullness of our life! 

It is a time for gratitude, for thanking Mother Earth and our Spiritual helpers, for their guidance and nurturing love which has sustained us. At New Moon we set our intentions for the coming month. At full moon we reassess what has come to fruition, what is still transpiring and what has fallen by the wayside . 

Simply put it is a reset button for goals we haven’t yet achieved, or wishes and dreams that have not been blessed . It is a time for us to  decide what we want to continue pursuing or what we want to let go.


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