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Manifesting Mindset for Love

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Manifesting Mindset for Love

Let’s continue with our Manifesting Mindset journey. If you didn’t read your email on Friday it might have landed up in your Junk folder- please go and search for it before you read this one- or truth be told your might have just been too busy to read it!   Please scan the contents - these two emails kinda work together. 

We are still in the phase of the month for manifesting- so let's not waste the energy. We have a perfect Friday night approaching filled with the spicy juices of Venus and all geared up to support  a love ritual. 

For starters whip out pen and paper- and start writing what you actually desire in a love relationship. I know you are probably thinking “here we go again“. This doesn’t work- been there and bought the T-shirt! That’s where self sabotage comes in- you looking for love- you go out guns blazing with your ritual, crystals and sprays- but in the back of your mind you thinking- this isn’t going to work. And you right - it won’t. 


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