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Alana Fairchild,Rassouli,Richard Cohn-Journey of Love
Featuring 70 illuminating paintings by visionary artist Rassouli, the cards in Journey of Love are...
R 420.00
Alana Fairchild-Mother Mary Oracle
Mother Mary loves you unconditionally, no matter what your religious or spiritual background. This moving...
R 420.00
Alana Fairchild-Sacred Rebels Oracle
Live your own unique, inspired life and share your light with the world as a...
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Caroline Myss-Archetype Cards
Archetypes are ancient, universal patterns of behavior that are embedded in what Carl Jung called...
R 460.00
Colette Baron-Reid -Messages From Spirit: The Extraordinary Power of Oracles, Omens, and Signs
A mother receives an undeniable message of love from her deceased son A series of...
R 175.00
Diana Cooper-A New Light on Angels
The ubiquitous angels of everyday life are introduced in this fully revised and expanded bestseller....
R 280.00
Doreen Virtue-Life Purpose Oracle Cards
Before you were born, you worked with your angels to orchestrate a life mission that...
R 295.00
Esther and Jerry Hicks-Getting into the Vortex Cards
It is always satisfying for me to be able to tap into the Vibration of...
R 295.00
Lucy Cavendish-Les Vampires: Ancient Wisdom and Healing Messages from the Children of the Night
A stunning deck designed for those facing difficult decisions or upheaval in relationships, or wishing...
R 420.00
Lucy Cavendish-Oracle of the Dragonfae
Get back in touch with our strongest, most protective kin: the Dragonfae.
R 420.00
Stacey Demarco-Goddesses and Sirens
There was a time when Goddesses and Gods, the Feminine and Masculine Divine, were the...
R 420.00
Toni Carmine Salerno -Blue Angel Oracle
Be guided by the Blue Angel, Archangel Michael, to a sacred space filled with eternal...
R 420.00