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Incense Burner with Star Detail
11cm (h) x 9cm (w)
Sold Out
Desk Zen Garden
Perfect item to add to add some zen to your desk.
R 245.00
Chakra Candle
Made with  essential oils. Each colour layer contains a different oil.Instructions on base.
R 255.00
Ohm Brass Plate Large
R 140.00
Green Lotus Incense Holder
R 135.00
Beige Incense Box and Holder Set
R 330.00
Macrame Dream Catcher
R 120.00
Black Detail Hand Tea Light Holder
R 239.00
Buddha Incense Holder
Gorgeous incense holder with stones for ash and putting out incense.
Sold Out
Dragon Candle Holder
8.5cm (h) x 6cm (w)
R 179.00
Silver and Black Ying Yang Box
12cm x 8cm
R 110.00
Silver Incense Box and Holder Set
R 330.00