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Kuan Yin with crescent moon inscription of the Heart Sutra (Bronze)
20.5 cm (h) x 15 cm (w) Kuan Yin (also spelled Kwan Yin or Quan...
R 880.00
Kuan Yin with Child (White Resin)
16 cm (h) x 5.5 cm ( w)    Kuan Yin (also spelled Kwan Yin...
R 199.00
San Pio
19.2 cm (h) x 6 cm (w) St Padre Pio Figurine   St. Padre Pio...
R 120.00
Jesus Sacred Heart
30 cm (h) x 7.5 cm (w) Small figurine of Jesus Christ. Wonderful contrast between...
R 295.00
Praying Madonna
17.5 cm (h) x 8 cm (w) Mother Mary Figurine. This figurine brings a feeling...
R 480.00
Golden Rooster (Resin)
10 cm (h) x 8.5 cm (w) Gold Rooster on Coins   The pronunciation of...
R 115.00
Wealth Budha
24.5 cm (h) x 18 cm (w) Fill your life with Abundance by placing me...
R 260.00
Ganesha Sitting
29 cm (h) x 18.5 cm (w) White Ganesha sitting on his throne Beautiful white...
R 1,345.00
Clown Fairy Sitting
22.5 cm (h) x 10 cm (w)
R 575.00
Dreamland Pixie with Hare
13 cm (h) x 11 cm (w)
R 440.00
Dreamland Pixie with Rabbit
23.5 cm (h) x 12.3 cm (w)
R 580.00
Green Jade Horse.
16.5 cm (h) x 7.5 cm (w) High quality product created from a translucent  green...
R 425.00