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Crystal Spirits

Ingeborg Bosch-Past Reality Integration

R 190.00

Bestselling author Ingeborg Bosch has made a breakthrough as one of the leading psychologists of her time. Her groundbreaking method, Past Reality Integration (PRI), has been embraced by professionals and laymen alike, and has proven itself an impressive tool to free ourselves from negative emotions and destructive habits to allow us to finally live life to the fullest.

In this book, Ingeborg provides a clear explanation of how emotional problems develop, and shows us that life doesn’t have to be as difficult as we are often prone to believe. Her step-by-step plan will help you to understand:

• self-observation – when am I under the spell of my emotional brain?

• symbol recognition – what starts up the reaction of my emotional brain? Which perception of my present circumstances activated my psychological immune system leading to destructive and painful emotions?

• defence reversal – how to reprogramme your emotional brain, free yourself from obsolete defensive reactions, and move past anxiety, depression and fear so that you can live consciously in the NOW and finally realize your true potential.