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Crystal Spirits

Spirit Quartz Crystal Cluster

R 490.00



Spirit Quartz AKA Cactus quartz is a stone of healing, harmony, and alignment.  It aligns and integrates the  chakras aura, and physical body. Spirit quartz has the ability to merge the everyday human self with the higher self. With its many small formations, this crystal is a community within a stone. In The Book of Stones, Naisha Ahsian describes it as “the effect of a hundred-voice choir singing in harmony.” Work with these beauties to accelerate your spiritual evolution, free yourself from fear, and for divine peace of mind.

Known as a master healer,  cactus quartz cleans and clears out energetic blockages, activating all energy centres and detoxifying the body in the process. It also helps heal issues around fertility. As a Crown Chakra stone, s cactus quartz connects you with your spirit guides and the  angel realm. When you meditate with your cactus quartz generator, envision your entire being coming into alignment, surrounded by the love of Source and compassion and protection of the Violet Ray. You can also work with it in your healing crystal grids and add to your altars. Let the magic of these pieces spiral you into greater wholeness.