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Day 1

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Day 1

I know that my team has beautiful messages and inspirational schedules planned for the next 21 day Hiatus. But ,this morning in this ghostlike  grey bubble of this eerie world we find ourselves in, which ironically reflects the sadness of our souls - I think Im going to lie back and grieve  -at least,  for just a little while. 

I will meander down the lonely road  of despair, stopping short just before the gates of depression, and take a seat on a cold concrete bench.  In the sharp stillness I  will reflect on the surreal chaos that surrounds me, and wonder what is about to head our way…….How this will change our daily lives, how we will cope with it all, how deep we will have to dig to find our inner strength to support ourselves and those in need who surround us. How we will we all step up to the plate - and be someone you can count on.

I am older and, hopefully,  wiser now - and perhaps not so strong,  or filled with  illusions. I am, for the first time in my life, a little scared. I think I will sit here for a short while……and let deep sadness roll over me, then I’ll dust myself off, turn and head back -  to find courage and inspiration.


Lots of blessings,