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Day 2 Soul Polishing

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Day 2 Soul Polishing


While sitting in the garden enjoying the gentle breeze and sun on my skin I contemplated  the absolute stillness surrounding me. It was easy to close my eyes and settle into a simple breathe technique. Connecting with the earth beneath me, centering myself and allowing the energy from my crown chakra to fill my body - I simply allowed time to be. After awhile I opened my eyes and was blessed with this vision hidden in my flowerbed.


Strelitzia is also known as the bird of paradise flower. This unique flower originates from South Africa, and was transported to many countries in the 18th century. That’s also how it acquired its royal name: the wife of the English King George III, Charlotte of Meckelenburg-Strelitz, had a great love for flowers and plants, and so this remarkable flower was named after her. 

In some KwaZulu-Natal cultures The Strelitzia reginae has been used to treat inflamed glands. This flower is a symbol of thoughtfulness, joy and beauty. It is seen as the flower of freedom and also represents immortality.

How ironic that on this second day of  “ lockdown” the Universe would send a message like this. What an honour to be blessed with such beauty and such a message! 

What flower message will you find in your garden today ?

Lots of blessings