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Inner Reflections Crystal pack.

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The Butterfly stone 


This is the stone of Magic and Illumination. Madagascan Labradorite is a mineral  that resonates with self illumination and journeying inwards to find your authentic self. The real you, not the one pandering to society, relationships or  the structures and conformity placed upon you.  This butterfly stone brings out the hidden jewel, the chrysalis .  It resonates with the Hermit in the Tarot pack. Reflecting inwards in search of answers, travelling deep in meditation to receive higher guidance. Labradorite will open you up, forcing you to become aware just enough to see your true intentions. It will encourage you to find solutions to your problems. Great stone to hold while journalling, meditating or to place next to your bed  ( in a bowl of water) to help with dream magic. Place in the light of the  full moon - to recharge its magic. It is a must have in any crystal tool kit.

Obsidian Crystal

Obsidian will reflect your true self. It will force you to accept yourself in your entirety. Grounding and aligning your root chakra back to Mother Earth - you will have to face the realities of life.  Removing the rose tinted glasses will help you to make decisions you have been avoiding. Obsidian will show you what needs to be expelled from your life. Wear the crystals close to your skin during the day to protect you from negative energies. Use at night while journalling, meditating and decision making. Place in a small bowl of raw, uncooked brown rice overnight to cleanse the energies of the crystals . You can change the rice once a month.

Self reflection Meditation:

This is not a quick fix, but an ongoing journey of self discovery. Make time and space for the real you to emerge but meditating and journalling consistently. It will be one of the best habits you can develop.

Find a quiet place within your home.  Settle down in your chair or on your meditation cushion - in an upright seated position. Light your candle and incense. For this meditation you need about  13 minutes. If you have a timer - set it to ring.

This meditation will assist you to shift your awareness, so you can stream information from the Universe. Try to practice this meditation a frequently as possible as it  will assist you to  connect to different vibrational frequencies.

Hold the labradorite in the palm of your hands - breathe in - to the count of three - moving the energy up from your base chakra to your throat chakra - holding it there for three counts - then exhale out your mouth. Repeat this three times.  Slow the breathe down,  breathing gently and rhythmically. Gaze into the stone - allowing your mind to submerge into its shifting hues.  

What thoughts are surfacing? What images float through your mind? Sit quietly allowing all thought forms to come and go. When your mind wanders, look into the labradorite, and ask for its assistance to help you reflect your beautiful self.  Ask for your inner magic to be revealed.

When the timer rings - thank the crystal for assisting you. Journal what messages came up . Repeat this exercise for 21 days.  After 21 Days - read what you have written and reflect on the hidden messages there.

Inner reflection packs

Each Inner reflection Pack - has a  unique and magical labradorite crystal. Click through the beautiful images, use a pendulum or connect with your higher self in choosing the correct crystal for you. They have all been charged under a pyramid and cleansed with our crystal sprays - ready for your vibrational connection. 

Perfect for any Full Moon ritual or for someone seeking self growth and self reflection.