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Connecting With The Fire Energies of Beltane

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Connecting With The Fire Energies of Beltane

Connecting with the fiery energies of Beltane we are working with fiery stones! Ones that bring passion, vibrancy, activate your sacral chakra and get your mojo going. Fire agate is a must go to stone over the next two weeks. Our Fire agate gemstone bead bracelets - pop with vitality and energy. Fire agate resonates with Beltane ( 30th October)  which is all about fire and fertility. Fire agate has a deep connection to the earth - its strong grounding energy helps us through difficult times. It protects you against ill wishes and builds a protective shield around your aura - returning ill wishes to those who sent them. Fire agate links to your inner fire and sexuality. It activates the base chakra - firing up all the other chakras and filling you with vibrant energy and joy for life. It prevents energy burn-out. Fire agate can be placed on  exhausted chakras and it will bring it back on line. It clears authentic blockage and energises the aura.


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