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Best Stones to Work With This October

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Best Stones to Work With This October

The energies of October are “wild” to say the least. And, they will continue throughout the year until the end of February 2022. Finances can be affected, relationships become erratic, if not volatile at times, and you could find yourself questioning many aspects of your life. Unfortunately, it takes a touch of chaos for personal growth.

Pluto’s return will shift a lot of energy throughout the world. So it is time to focus and be very clear about what you want, where you wish to go and with whom you wish to associate with. We have created a Black Tourmaline and Dzi Gemstone bracelets to help you shift gears. Not only are they attractive- but their energy protects and inspires you to  create an  exciting life. 

We are going to have to be “strong enough“ to face all the changes rushing at us. Crystals will be so important to work with as their vibrational energy supports, protects and inspires us to face daily challenges. There are many beautiful stones to choose from- but here are a few we are working with.


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