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March New Moon

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March New Moon

This New Moon- Plan to plant the best seeds for new opportunities! Doors will open both professionally and personally- so be prepared. You could see all these new dreams of yours coming into fruition around September 2022’s full moon.

So get going! Don't miss out! 

What is it you “actually“  want to manifest? And, how are you going to apply yourself to achieve your dreams?

There is a lot of astrological magic happening this month!

But beware in the first week of March, Mars meets Pluto on the 3rd Thursday- so you or your partner can be feeling and expressing a lot of anger! You could feel like you are walking through a minefield- so tread carefully and watch what you say! There could be lots of arguments happening. For crystal lovers hold onto your pieces of selenite- it will help soothe your anger, and allow you to channel receiving gentle guidance from your angels and guides.

However-  this new moon is going to be sitting next to Jupiter- as it peeks through on the 2nd of March at 19H35 in the sign of Pisces. This is a magical alignment so if you are into consciously manifesting it's a week to dig deep and to start writing your new moon wish list. Don't forget to create powerful affirmations. Download our free new moon wish list to inspire you!



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