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Must Have Feng Shui Cure for the Year of the Tiger

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Must Have Feng Shui Cure for the Year of the Tiger
The black water tiger strolled into our lives on the 1st of February on the night of the New Moon,  and came into full effect on the 4th of February 2022. There  was lots of celebrating around the world as this beautiful yet dangerous creature arrived on our doorstep to spend the next 12 months with us. 

To make it more complicated the Paht Chee chart tells us that this year has three tigers in its birth chart. Three is dangerous as this warns us that there will be lots of competition, rivalry, jealousy and back stabbing as these fierce creatures battle for dominance. One will have to be careful !

The year is further unbalanced as it is filled with only Yang energy. There is no yin to balance the chart. It will be a quick year filled with high voltage energy. Things will happen suddenly. Change will be quick. There will be new exciting innovations. The world will start opening up as restrictions hopefully become less. The downside is that competition will be fierce. This will lead to rivalry and jealousy as everyone fights for market share. This vibration will stretch into politics and countries  making everything more volatile around us. 

The birth chart of 2022 is filled with water and wood energy. It lacks fire and metal energy.  Understanding these elements, we know that there is lots of growth and money to be made. However, impulsive decisions could come at a cost. Make sure you think things through. Be strategic and thorough in your decision making process. Be weary of making life altering choices impulsively. This could lead to disaster both in your finances and in your love life.

This year lacks the energy of leadership skills. For those in charge of businesses you will find yourself more challenged as those “ under you” will gossip and back stab you as well as  challenge your authority. Make sure that your vibrational energy is high and that you Feng Shui  the office and business. Take care of your health by eating well, exercising and making sure you have alone time for contemplation and strategic planning. 
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