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New Moon Solar Eclipse

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Are you ready to explore new terrains in your life ?

We celebrate a new moon partial solar eclipse in Taurus tomorrow night the 30th of April. We are officially in eclipse season and will remain in this high voltage energy until the 16thof May when we experience a Total lunar eclipse in Scorpio. However the energies of eclipses are felt long after. 

The perfect way to describe Eclipse energy is “cruel to be kind”. So prepare yourself for major growth in some areas of your life. 

If you feel like your life has become topsy turvy - it's okay, solar eclipses snatch away the familiar and present you with new possibilities. As I said before, It’s a time for personal growth.

This is not a time for manifesting- writing new moon wishes etc- ( that’s why we at Crystal Spirits haven’t released our monthly free new moon wish list) it's more a time for going inward, reflecting, and perhaps engaging in some shadow work. We have created simple shadow work eclipse kits to help you. Shadow work is a never ending  journey that you will experience throughout your life- and each passage through that dark portal will be unique to that particular time in your life. 



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