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Your Sign Reacting To Venus Retrograde

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Greetings Anam Caras,

Hope that you are blessed with good health and that you and your family are getting through these trying times with lots of humour and hearts that are  filled with inspiration and hope for the future.

We are facing a period of planetary shifts that could lead to us finding ourselves a little fixated, highly emotional with regard to matters of the heart, with mood swings that already add to the stressed filled days we find ourselves living in. Don’t despair, and  think there is something “wrong” with you- you are just connecting with all these cosmic energies. So ground yourself, spend some time alone, even if it's for 10 minutes of the day, and bite your tongue if you want to retaliate with sharp words! Least said least mended.

To Give you a quick idea of whats happening we have ;

May 13th   Venus Retrograde

May 14th.   Jupiter retrograde

May 17th    Pallas retrograde

June 18th.   Mercury retrograde

Jun 23rd.     Neptune retrograde

June 25th   Venus direct

Lots happening! Below we’ve added a quick update on how your astrological sign could be re-acting through the next months especially with regard to Venus in retrograde. It might help you to be a little more prepared. However if this is ever a time for meditation and solitary journaling to recharge the batteries- this is it.

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