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11.11 Meditations-Denise Jarvie
11.11 Meditations are a tool to help you know yourself on a more intimate level; they...
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13 Tones of Creation-Elvina Munir
A Hypnotic Soundscape Featuring Tubular Bells, Energy Chimes, Native American Flute and Tibetan Singing Bowls....
R 320.00
Alana Fairchild -Holy Sisters
Healing Meditations with Mother Mary & Kuan Yin Calling upon the healing traditions of the...
R 295.00
Alana Fairchild-Chakra Meditations
Clear blockages and open up to enhanced wellbeing with this healing musical journey through the...
R 295.00
Alana Fairchild-For Love & Light on Earth
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Alana Fairchild-Ganesha,Meditations for Spiritual Success
Ganesha is an ancient elephant-headed deity with a powerful energy that removes obstacles and bestows...
R 295.00
Alana Fairchild-Inner Power, Awakening your infinite Divine potential
Divine Power is the spiritual electricity that switches us on. It is what takes our...
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Alicen Geddes-Ward-Faerie Workshop
Top UK faerie expert, author, and columnistAlicen Geddes-Ward takes listeners on a magical journey to...
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Bernie S.Siegel M.D.-Getting Ready
This CD will cover visualizing receiving these treatments successfully, with minimal side affects. Also self-empowerment,...
R 295.00
Bernie S.Siegel M.D.-Healing Relationships
On this CD program, Dr. Bernie Siegel tells you that “the most important force that...
R 295.00
Bernie S.Siegel M.D.-Meditations for Difficult Times
Life is not unfair but it is difficult. How we learn to deal with difficulties....
R 295.00
Bernie S.Siegel M.D.-Meditations for Finding the Key to good Health
Dr. Bernie Siegel guides you through two individual and empowering meditations, each a combination of...
R 295.00