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Space Cleanser Gem Spray
Helps clear your space (home or office) from negative and stagnant energies and replace it...
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Prosperity Elixir
You can use this to attract prosperity by spraying yourself with it in the mornings....
R 99.00
Tranquility Spray
Use this elixir to create a calm, peaceful and harmonious energy in your home and...
R 99.00
Protection Gem Spray
Spray this elixir on the doorsteps and windowframes in your home or business to help...
R 99.00
Meditation Elixir
You can spray this in your meditation area around 15 minutes before you start and...
R 99.00
Archangel Gabriel Spray
Archangel Gabriel Gabriel's name means 'God is my strength' Gabriel guides would be parents towards...
R 99.00
Concentration elixir
This elixir will help you focus and concentrate wherever you need it. Use when studying,...
R 99.00
Quan Yin Divinity Essence Spray
R 99.00
Saint Germain Mist Spray
R 99.00
Purification Elixir
Excellent personal purifier to use whenever your energy feels tired, dirty or drained.Carry a bottle...
R 99.00
Manifestation elixir
This elixir can used in a space or area where you need something specific to...
R 99.00
Heal the Healer Spray
Healers often forget that they pick up negative or just stray energies from the people...
R 99.00