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What is 3D Secure

About 3D Secure

3D Secure is an improved authentication system for making online credit card payments and has been implemented to increase security and decrease fraudulent use of cards.

Once you are signed up for 3D Secure, any new payments you make online with your credit card should automatically redirect you to your bank's 3D Secure system for authentication.  Your bank will then SMS a one-time pin to your cell phone. You will need to enter this pin on the website to authenticate the transaction.

Only you and your bank have access to the one-time pin.

Visa call their 3D Secure system Verified-by-Visa.  MasterCard call their system SecureCode.

How to sign up for 3D Secure

Contact your bank to enrol:

Absa -
First National Bank - Log on to FNB Online Banking
Nedbank -
Standard Bank -

If your bank is not listed above, please contact your bank for more information.  Not all credit card issuers currently support 3D Secure (for example American Express and Diner’s Club).